With the 208th pick in the 2014 Draft, the Seahawks select…

…FS Eric Pinkins from San Diego State.  Pinkins is this year’s winner of Carroll and Schneider’s annual draft-a-6’+-DB sweepstakes.  Not only is he 6’3″ and 220 lbs, making him one of the biggest defensive backs available in the draft this year, he also runs a 4.45 second forty and surprisingly athletic for his size.

Pinkins started just two years and didn’t really break out until his senior year, which explains why he is still available at the end of the sixth round (he also didn’t get an invite to the combine), but given his range and physical assets there’s a good shot we could be talking about him a few years down the road as yet another success story for Pete Carroll’s press-man boot camp for big defensive backs.