NFC West: First-Round Predictions

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to prime time. That time is fast approaching. These days, the months of hype and scrutiny leading up to this point almost outweigh the event itself. Hell, it even got its very own feature film. If nothing else, one has to stand back in awe of the marketing ability of the […]

Gem Of The Draft

When draft day comes around, do not try to predict the Seahawks. The only thing you can do is wait and see. For the last few years there has always been “that guy” who nobody saw coming. Luke Wilson, the 5th-round backup out of Rice, was the one in the 2013 draft class, and Russell […]

How Heavy Is Run-Heavy?

Before I dive in to the article, I just want to welcome you all to the new and improved Seahawk Addicts!  The folks over at Bloguin have been slaving away on this overhaul to their blog network for months, and the result is a leaner, meaner site designed to load faster and run better than […]

Free Agency 2014 (3/20)

After a couple of days of relative inactivity (at least as far as the news wire is concerned), the Seahawks are making some moves today.  First off, the team has signed offensive lineman Steve Schilling.  Schilling can play both guard and tackle and has the potential to develop into a solid player — the Seahawks […]

Free Agency 2014 (3/17)

The gang is back together, at least in the special teams meeting room.  The Seahawks re-signed kicker Steven Hauschka today, rewarding him for his consistency with a 3 year, $9.15M deal.  The $3.05 average yearly salary makes Hauschka the 11th highest paid kicker in the league — it's a fat chunk of change, sure, but […]

Free Agency 2014 (3/16)

Good afternoon everyone, we have just two quick news items for you so far today.  First off, Henry Melton has left Seattle without a contract and is headed to Dallas.  That doesn't mean he won't still sign with the Seahawks, but it does seem to indicate that he wasn't wowed by their contract offer.  I […]

Free Agency 2014 (3/15)

Zach Miller decided to help Seahawks fans start their morning off right by agreeing to restructure the remaining two years on his contract.  Originally, he was scheduled to earn in 2014 a $4.8M base salary and a $1M roster bonus; add to that a potential $200k workout bonus and $1M to account for his prorated […]

Free Agency 2014 (3/14)

The deluge of free agency news has finally slowed to a trickle, but that doesn't mean there isn't any news to be found.  A big part of what has made Schneider so damned great as Seattle's general has been the phenomenal bargain signings he's made once the initial mad scramble for big name players and […]

Free Agency 2014 (3/13)

The Seahawks decided to mix things up by starting the day with a re-signing instead of a free agent defection.  Backup QB Tarvaris Jackson will be returning for 2014 on a one year, $1.25M contract with another $750k available through incentives (odds are he'll only earn that if he sees significant playing time under center).  […]

Free Agency 2014 (3/11)

Instead of putting up a barrage of separate posts, I'll be updating this one as Seahawks-related news rolls in throughout the evening (for a look at the Seahawks cap picture prior to the start of free agency, check out this article).  Aside from yesterday's signings of both DE Michael Bennett (4 years, $28.5 million with […]

The Seahawks’ Free Agency Budget for 2014

Building an NFL team into a legitimate championship contender is a hell of a task.  To begin with you need great players and great coaches, obviously, and you need all of them to work well together.  Bad blood and poor chemistry have spoiled a lot of otherwise stacked teams over the years (like the Seahawks […]

Sidney Rice to Be Released

According to multiple sources, the Seahawks will be releasing WR Sidney Rice sometime in the near future.  The big money contract he signed back in 2011 was pretty much the archetypal high risk/high reward type deal. It was a signing that I defended at the time, and one that I still think was well worth […]

Michael Bennett’s Brother Getting Into the Rap Game?

Michael Bennett was Seattle's best defensive end this season, but he is also hitting free agency. His brother, Martellus Bennett, recently mentioned that Michael should come and play for the Chicago Bears. However, recruiting isn't the only thing Martellus had been up to lately. He recently released a mixtape on SoundCloud. Michael tweeted this in […]

Top Positions to Address this Offseason

The Seahawks have arguably the deepest roster in the NFL, but this offseason Seattle will have almost 20 players hitting free agency. While some of those players will be coming back, there will still be a few weak spots in the roster. Don't expect GM John Schneider to be quiet either. Last year, Cliff Avril […]

Welcome to Seattle, Lombardi Trophy

Score one for the strategic throwbacks.  All season long, the Seahawks have bucked the increasingly pass-heavy trend of the modern NFL in favor of an old school approach: stifling defense, run-first offense, and physical to the bone in all phases of the game.  Just a typical kneejerk, conservative, play-it-safe game plan from a stubborn old […]