Free Agency 2014 (3/11)

Instead of putting up a barrage of separate posts, I'll be updating this one as Seahawks-related news rolls in throughout the evening (for a look at the Seahawks cap picture prior to the start of free agency, check out this article).  Aside from yesterday's signings of both DE Michael Bennett (4 years, $28.5 million with […]

The Seahawks’ Free Agency Budget for 2014

Building an NFL team into a legitimate championship contender is a hell of a task.  To begin with you need great players and great coaches, obviously, and you need all of them to work well together.  Bad blood and poor chemistry have spoiled a lot of otherwise stacked teams over the years (like the Seahawks […]

Sidney Rice to Be Released

According to multiple sources, the Seahawks will be releasing WR Sidney Rice sometime in the near future.  The big money contract he signed back in 2011 was pretty much the archetypal high risk/high reward type deal. It was a signing that I defended at the time, and one that I still think was well worth […]

Michael Bennett’s Brother Getting Into the Rap Game?

Michael Bennett was Seattle's best defensive end this season, but he is also hitting free agency. His brother, Martellus Bennett, recently mentioned that Michael should come and play for the Chicago Bears. However, recruiting isn't the only thing Martellus had been up to lately. He recently released a mixtape on SoundCloud. Michael tweeted this in […]

Top Positions to Address this Offseason

The Seahawks have arguably the deepest roster in the NFL, but this offseason Seattle will have almost 20 players hitting free agency. While some of those players will be coming back, there will still be a few weak spots in the roster. Don't expect GM John Schneider to be quiet either. Last year, Cliff Avril […]

Welcome to Seattle, Lombardi Trophy

Score one for the strategic throwbacks.  All season long, the Seahawks have bucked the increasingly pass-heavy trend of the modern NFL in favor of an old school approach: stifling defense, run-first offense, and physical to the bone in all phases of the game.  Just a typical kneejerk, conservative, play-it-safe game plan from a stubborn old […]

Super Bowl: Seahawks v. Broncos

Pete Carroll has done a hell of a job with the Seahawks.  In just four seasons, he's led them to a Super Bowl, and the roster he and John Schneider have built is so loaded with talent that it's hard not to believe they won't be back a few more times before all is said […]

The Top Sports TV Shows of All Time

What do you watch when it’s not football season or baseball season or basketball season? When you turn on the TV to watch something quality and there’s no game on, it’s easy to turn to various sports TV shows. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options. The top sports-related TV shows of all times are relatively easy […]

NFLPA Collegiate Bowl: Risers and Fallers

There are seven rounds in the NFL Draft, which are composed of only about 224 picks. That means 224 men are about to have their lives completely change. On January 18th, 2014, the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl was held in front of more than 140 NFL scouts. About 100 men battled for 60 minutes to show […]


I repeat: THE SEAHAWKS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL! This is going to be disjointed and rambling, 'cause my brain is still trying to wrap itself around the sheer awesome that just unfolded tonight. The 49ers didn't make it easy, but nobody expected them to (or wanted them to, for that matter).  Blowouts are […]

Seahawks v. 49ers, Take Three

Today we finally get the championship game we would’ve had last year if it hadn’t been for that last second comeback by the Falcons.  The Seahawks versus the 49ers, two division rivals who just so happen also to be the two best teams in the whole damn conference, going head to head with nothing less […]

A Promising Season . . . So Far

The season isn’t over yet, but the Seahawks have already met and exceeded their expectations for 2013-14, playoffs included.  Russell Wilson at mid-season was a top candidate for the MVP award next to Peyton Manning and Nick Foles, and he’s led the team to the playoffs for his second straight year in the NFL.  His […]

Divisional Round (1/14) – Seahawks Win!

It's official: the Seahawks will be hosting the NFC championship game this year.  Hell yes. Things didn't go well for Wilson and his receivers, partly because of the weather and partly because said receivers let a lot of passes bounce off their hands, but 174 combined rushing yards — 140 of that courtesy of  Lynch […]

saints seahawks

Divisional Round (1/14): Saints at Seahawks

The Seahawks are once again in the playoffs — that's becoming a habit under Pete Carroll, seeing as how he's taken them there in three of his four seasons as head coach — and better yet, they're playing at home against a team they completely dominated during the regular season.  If the road to the […]

Week 16: 49ers at Seahawks (Game Thread)

One more win and the Seahawks will secure themselves a playoff spot, but more than just a postseason berth is on the line today.  The 49ers are being touted as the best team in not just the NFC, but in the entire NFL, and as the saying goes, if you want to be the best, […]