Week 10 (11/13) – Seahawks Win!

Ah, that's more like it.  The Seahawks' offense reverted to its early season form today, and it was glorious.  The run game averaged 5.02 yards per carry, and Wilson put together his best statistical game of the season — yes, even better than the numbers he put up in the blowout win over the Jaguars […]

Week 10 (11/13): Seahawks at Falcons

Another week, another Seahawks game against an ostensibly inferior opponent.  Earlier in the season this sort of matchup meant we could look forward to watching a huge blowout victory, but after back to back near escapes against the 3-4 Rams and 0-7 Buccaneers, well, let's just say the 2-6 Falcons feel a whole lot less […]

Week 9 (11/13) – Seahawks Win!

I understand that winning ugly is still winning and all, but I expect this Seahawks team to annihilate inferior opponents like the Buccaneers, not spot them a three-touchdown lead to start the game.  Wilson was still great, as were Tate, Baldwin, Lynch, and Miller, but the defense was oddly flat for most of the game.  […]

Week 9 (11/13): Buccaneers at Seahawks

The 2013 Buccaneers  have almost nothing going their way this year in all three phases of the game and are near the bottom of the league in almost every meaningful statistical category.  And today they go up against the Seahawks in Seattle — the odds of them pullling out a win today are nonexistent. And […]

2013 Season Midpoint: The Seahawks Aren’t Invulnerable, But That’s Okay

(Note: Baby wrangling still continues to devour almost all my time this season, which unfortunately has led to a marked absence of content around here.  I apologize for that, and at the very least I plan to continue publishing the How the Seahawks Measure Up series of stats articles on a semiregular basis.  This week, […]

Week 8 (10/13) – Seahawks Win!

In a game that was far closer than it had any right to be, a visibly gassed Seahawks defense managed to stonewall the Rams on five consecutive goal-to-go plays to preserve a 14-9 lead.  The abject failure of Seattle's offensive line to stop Quinn and Long from getting to Wilson was a huge problem (can […]

Week 9 (10/13): Seahawks at Rams

The Rams didn’t pose much of a threat to the Seahawks even before they lost their starting QB Sam Bradford for the season.  Now that they’re headed into tonight’s game with ex-Jets failure Kellen Clemens under center (with ex-Browns, Chiefs, and Seahawks failure Brady Quinn on hand as his backup), St. Louis is little more […]

Week 7 (10/13) – Seahawks Win!

Considering that the Seahawks won their last game against the Cardinals by a 58 point margin of victory, tonight's 12 point margin seems a bit scant, but both games have one very important thing in common: the Hawks' dominance was unmistakable.   The defense picked Palmer off twice, sacked him seven times, and tallied thirteen quarterback […]

Week 7 (10/13): Seahawks at Cardinals

Tonight’s game against the Cardinals in Arizona looks like it could be an easy win for the Seahawks, but it also just might be the hardest they’ll have to work for an easy win they’ll have all season (in NFL betting terms, I’d bet on the Hawks to win, but not necessarily to cover) First, […]

Week 6 (10/13) – Seahawks Win!

Well, it wasn't quite the dominant performance we were hoping for from the Seahawks, but it was close enough.  The offense fumbled the ball five times and special teams had far too many screwups (seriously, was Maragos really trying to throw that ball — and if so, to whom?), but the defense was solid when […]

Week 6 (10/13: Titans at Seahawks

A couple of weeks ago, I might have said this was a pretty good matchup, but now?  The Titans were off to a great start this season with Jake Locker at the helm, but he's out with a hip injury.  In his place is Ryan Fitzpatrick, a really smart guy who has made a career […]

How the Seahawks Measure Up: 2013 Week Five Edition

Russell Wilson is awesome.  He's mobile, his scrambles are smart and effective, he can make any throw in the book, he makes good decisions with the ball, and his teammates respond well to his leadership.  Best of all, he has that rare knack of being able to pull out wins in games where a loss […]

Week 5 (10/13 – Seahawks Lose

Well, so much for undefeated.  The Seahawks gained 228 yards on the ground and grossed another 210 through the air despite missing three starters on the o-line, but 2 sacks and 5 QB hits were simply not enough pressure to stop Luck from repeatedly connecting with Wayne and Hilton.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Colts are […]

Week 5 (10/13): Seahawks at Colts

(Note: I had to forego this week's articles on account of illness.  So it goes.) The win over the Texans last week may have shown that it was possible for the Seahawks to beat a tough opponent on the road, but a win versus the Colts today will prove it. Indianapolis and Houston are both […]

Week 4 (9/13) – Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread)

Holy crap. Injuries were a huge factor in this game, especially to the offensive line, and for three quarters Houston's front seven beat the living crap out of Seattle's backup offensive linemen.  The injury to Bennett was also pretty scary (the team can ill afford to lose him), but it sounds like he escaped without […]