Free Agency 2014 (3/12)

The big news this morning is that the Seahawks have officially released Chris Clemons.  After being treated as nothing more than a situational pass rusher in his first five seasons with Washington, Oakland, and Philadelphia, Clemons earned the starting Leo DE gig in Seattle and flourished, notching at least 11 sacks in each of his […]

7 Things to Do During a Football Halftime

Football halftimes are amazing, crazy ‘you’ moments. They can be intense, can-barely-wait moments, or a chilled out party time for you and your friends gathered at your place. Either ways, whether you are watching it alone or with your buddies, here we have a bunch of wonderful ways you can turn this time into an […]

Week 16 (12/13) – Seahawks Lose

Well, this isn't a good trend.  The Seahawks can still clinch the division this week if the 49ers lose on Monday night, but that's unlikely given that they're playing the hapless Falcons.  The Rams game next week just got a hell of a lot more important. We can argue about the validity of the interception ruling that […]

Week 16 (12/13): Cardinals at Seahawks

For roughly the third week in a row, the Seahawks will be headed into a game with both a division title and home field advantage throughout the playoffs up for grabs.  However, this time around there's only one playoff scenario that matters: if the Hawks win, they win both the NFC West and the number […]

Week 15 (12/13) – Seahawks Win!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Seahawks are now one win away from securing both the division title and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  The defense kept the Giants from crossing midfield until halfway through the fourth quarter, in large part because they made Manning's life a living hell to the tune of 3 sacks, 6 […]

Week 15 (12/13): Seahawks at Giants

After last week's narrow loss to the 49ers on their home turf, this morning's away game against a fallen once-contender like the Giants can feel a bit underwhelming, but it's still pro football and it' still the Seahawks playing — what's not to love? So long as the Hawks don't play down to the level […]

Week 14 (12/14) – Seahawks Lose

God damn it. The loss today doesn't knock the Seahawks out of the first seed in the playoffs, nor does it loosen their grip on the division significantly, but it still hurts.  This was a prime opportunity for a statement win against their biggest divisional rival, and they let it slip away. This game was […]

Week 14 (12/13): Seahawks at 49ers

Last week, the Seahawks expertly demolishing the best team the Saints have put together since their '09 championship run.  That win served notice to the rest of the league that, unlike some one-dimensional paper tigers I could mention whose win/loss records have grown fat on a steady diet of lesser teams, the 11-1 Hawks are […]

Week 13 (12/13) – Seahawks Win!

RUSSELL WILSON FOR PRESIDENT (and KJ Wright for VP) What a hell of a game.  Wilson and the offense went up against one of the best pass defenses in the league and moved the chains at will, and on the other side of the ball the Hawk's defense took on one of the top pass […]

Grading the Seahawks’ Receiving Options, Plus Some Recent News

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I’ll get to the main subject of this article shortly, but first I want to touch on a few recent news items concerning the Seahawks.  First off, a big congratulations goes out to retired left tackle and career Seahawk Walter Jones, who was recently named as a semifinalist for Hall of Fame […]

Why The NFL Needs The Seahawks On Thanksgiving

What is more Thanksgiving than football?  With the two traditional Thanksgiving Day games being played in Detroit and Dallas, the night NFL Network game is a perfect time to showcase one of the new power teams in the NFL.  The Seahawks of Seattle!   Here are my top reasons why the Seahawks are odds on […]

Week 11 (11/13) – Seahawks Win!

10-1.  Hell yes. The Vikings held the Seahawks to 3.32 yards per carry, but that and 20 points (which includes a TD pass against Seattle's backups in garbage time) is about all they were able to accomplish today.  The Hawks scored 11 times, picked off Minnesota's passers 3 times, kept Wilson's jersey clean, and Harvin's […]

Week 11 (11/13): Vikings at Seahawks

The Vikings are not a good team this year.  Aside from Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen, and whatever is left of Greg Jennings, there isn't much decent talent on their roster, and that shows bigtime on the stats sheet.  QB Christian Ponder leads a bottom-ten passing attack, their defense ranks 30th in points allowed, and in […]

How the Seahawks Measure Up: 2013 Week 11 Edition

It's been a wild ride the last few weeks, but after struggling through a couple of nailbiters in weeks eight and nine the Seahawks appear to have finally gotten back on track with a dominant win over the Falcons in week ten.  Bottom line, there's not a lot to seriously worry about when your favorite […]