Week 6 – Seahawks Win!

Seattle has won three games this year largely on the strength of its defense and run attack, but with the Patriots stonewalling Lynch and the defense allowing a season-high 23 points, the fate of the game rested entirely on Wilson’s shoulders.  Today, the rookie QB stepped up and delivered, throwing for nearly 300 yards, zero […]

Week 6: Patriots at Seahawks Game Thread

This isn’t going to be an easy win.  On offense, the Patriots have scored more points than any other team in the league, and they’re in the top ten in passing and rushing yardage, although it’s primarily the threat of their passing attack that’s kept their run game effective.  The Seahawks have a top five […]

How the Seahawks Measure Up: Belated Week 5 Edition

[Due to illness, I’m afraid my biggest accomplishment these past two weeks has been emptying several boxes of Kleenex.  The good news is that my head is finally clearing up, so I should be back to providing more content for you guys to peruse come next week.  It’s damned nice to feel like a functional […]

Week 5 – Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread)

The margin of victory may have only been four points, but this was a complete victory.  The Seahawks threw for more yardage, ran for more yardage, converted more first downs, racked up more sacks, and forced more fumbles than the Panthers.  Carolina’s defense did perform better than expected by intercepting two passes, scoring more points than Newton and […]

Week 5: Seahawks at Panthers Game Thread

The Seahawks are on the road again this week taking on yet another opponent they should be able to beat in the Panthers.  The lynchpin of Carolina’s offense is still Cam Newton, who through four weeks has been putting up similar numbers to those from his Pro Bowl rookie season.  He’s getting plenty of help in the ground game from DeAngelo Williams, but […]

What’s the Problem with the Passing Game?

I’ve spent a lot of time this week watching and re-watching pass play after pass play from the Rams game, and in that time I’ve heard a lot of folks voice their opinions on the subject.  Mostly, those opinions are brief, single-solution affairs:  Wilson is too short, or too inexperienced, or not Flynn; Okung/Giacomini/etc. is […]

How the Seahawks Measure Up: Week 4 Edition

The Rams game was a tough one to watch.  Like most of you, I spent a lot of that one pacing back and forth, shouting at the screen.  I swore at the special teams unit for failing to notice Amendola on the fake field goal touchdown, I cursed the day Giacomini was born every time […]

Reflections at 2-2

Louis Bacigalupi posts comments on the site as LouieLouie.  He’s an accountant by trade and worked in a USFL front office.  He can be reached by email at First of all, Seahawks fans need to stop hyperventilating.  Just relax, try taking a few slow, deep breaths, meditate (chant “ohm!”), envision yourself walking on a […]

Flynn not Healthy Enough to Take Over as Starter

For those of you who have been asking for Russell Wilson to be benched in favor of Matt Flynn, Pete Carroll has an answer for you: “We have a little bit of a problem with Matt,” Carroll said.  “Matt’s still not full-speed. Anybody that thinks, OK, let’s go with the other guy, well, he can’t practice yet. […]

Week 4 – Seahawks Lose (R-Rated Thread)

The Rams are no longer a circled win.  That’s good news for the level of competition in the NFC West, but it isn’t much comfort right now, especially when the game ends on a perfectly thrown ball by Wilson to a receiver who slips and falls before it arrives. Brandon Gibson played better than advertised, and […]

Week 4: Seahawks at Rams Game Thread

The Rams are better this year than last, particularly on defense, but a porous o-line and a distinct lack of reliable receivers not named Amendola should prove fatal for St. Louis’ offense.  Leroy Hill is questionable for the game with a calf injury, but his possible absence is more than made up for by Rams […]


The State of the Passing Game

Through three weeks of play, the Seahawks have showcased an impressive number of top-flight abilities.  One of the stoutest run defenses in the league?  Check.  An intimidating, physical secondary?  Check.  Great special teams play regardless of whether they’re on the giving or receiving end of things?  Check.  A pile-driver of a run game?  You better […]

How the Seahawks Measure Up: Week 3 Edition

I’ve got one last thing on the final play of the Seahawks-Packers game, and then it’s time for sweet, sweet stats.  As you can see in this photo posted earlier today by Danny O’Neil, the disputed catch looks a lot different from behind.  He also imbedded some video of the play, courtesy of Q13, but […]

Radio Interview Today with 808s & Fastbreaks

At 1:30 PST, I’ll be doing a radio interview with 808s & Fastbreaks over in New York.  I’ve been told the interview will be about ten minutes long and will cover the last play of the game against the Packers, plus maybe something about the replacement refs and expectations for the Seahawks.  You can listen […]

The Morning After

Let me be clear here: both teams deserved to win that game, largely on the strength of their defensive play.  The Seahawks’ defense shut down one of the best offenses in the NFL.  Forget top five, the way the Seahawks are playing right now they could be the top defense, period.  And while I am […]