How the Seahawks Measure Up: 2013 Week Three Edition

If there's one thing that's always bugged me about the Seahawks teams Pete Carroll has put together over the last few years, it's been their maddening tendency at times to play down to the level of their competition.  In 2011, they beat the 12-4 Ravens and the eventual Super Bowl champion Giants, but lost to […]

Week 3: Jaguars at Seahawks (9/13)

Today's game may very well turn out to be a spectacularly lopsided blowout.  The Seahawks are playing lights-out awesome right now, and the Jaguars are at the very beginning of a rebuild and about as talent-poor as a team can get at the NFL level.  Their offense ranks at or near the bottom of nearly […]

How the Seahawks Measure Up: 2013 Week Two Edition

This just in: the Seahawks are pretty damned good this year.  Headed into the season, they were considered to be one of the top three teams in the NFL, with the 49ers and Broncos rounding out the top three.  And seeing as how the Hawks just throttled the 49ers last week by a 26 point […]

Week 2: 49ers at Seahawks (9/13)

The 49ers and the Seahawks, along with the Broncos, comprised the top three spots in most people's power rankings this offseason, and nothing much changed after all three teams won their week one games.  Make no mistake, the 49ers are one of the toughest teams the Seahawks will face all season, and the matchup is […]

Week 1 (9/13) – Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread)

That was far from pretty, but ugly wins tell you a whole lot more about a team's makeup and versatility than a blowout victory ever will.  Lynch and the run game is the engine that drives the offense, and to the Panthers' credit their front seven (holy crap do they have a great front seven) […]

Week 1: Seahawks at Panthers (9/8)

Back in the twilight of the Holmgren years (and that lone, painful season under Mora), a game on the east coast was basically a penciled loss for the Seahawks, and if the game had an early start you could just go ahead and mark it down in ink.  Last year, thankfully, that wasn't the case.  […]

Tracking the Final Roster Cuts, 2013 Edition

The first casualty of this year's final roster cutdown has been identified tonight, and it's none other than fullback Michael Robinson.  The move doesn't make me particularly happy, but I understand it.  Robinson is a phenomenal lead blocker and special teams ace, but 1) he's aging, 2) he was scheduled to make ~$2.5 million this […]

Preseason Week Three: Raiders at Seahawks (8/13)

I love the preseason – there, I’ve said it.  Granted, I love the regular season even more, but the preseason is pretty much the only time we get to watch the young talent on the roster try to prove that they have the potential to become more than just another guy buried at the bottom […]

Preseason Week Two: Seahawks at Packers (8/13)

I’m headed out of town with my family this afternoon so that I can attend my brother’s wedding, and since we’re traveling with a baby I’m not terribly confident that we’ll arrive in time to catch the game tonight.  I hate missing Seahawks games, but 1) he’s my only sibling, 2) my extended family is […]

Preseason Week 2: Broncos at Seahawks (8/13)

Unlike last week's game against a rebuilding Chargers team with questionable depth, tonight's matchup pits the Seahawks against the Broncos, a team that made the playoffs last year thanks to a stellar defense and some guy named Peyton Manning.  Denver's roster is stuffed with talent, so we should get a much better idea of what […]

Some Things I Learned from the First Preseason Game of Lucky ’13

The preseason has finally started – yes!  Despite the game in San Diego just being a “scrimmage” (which doesn’t stop them from charging an arm and a leg for tickets), there were still some things to learn from it.  I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but here’s how I see things shaping up: […]

Earl Thomas: Best Safety in the NFL?

Michael Pina is a writer for ESPN’s TrueHoop Network. He also writes for ScoreBig. Follow him on Twitter @MichaelVPina.   Twenty four year old NFL players aren’t supposed to dominate their position. It’s a league of instinct, talent, and athleticism, which are all things any 24-year-old in the league should have access to. But consistent, […]

It’s Time for Things to Get Awesome Again

Training camp has been going strong for a while now, but for me it never feels like football season is truly back until the Seahawks take the field for their first preseason game.  Well, as of 7:00 Pacific tonight, football will be officially back when the Seahawks’ square off against their old AFC West division […]

Camp Report: Five Players Flying Under the Radar

With training camp in full swing, the Seahawks had their first day of sloppy weather on the practice field Friday afternoon. That didn't stop the fans from filling the berm at VMAC and showing the regular amount of enthusiasm that's always prevalent with the 12th Man.  First impressions from this day of camp were a […]