Week 14 – Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread)

With eight takeaways and a final score of 58-0, the Seahawks didn't just beat the Cardinals, they razed them to the ground and salted the earth where they once stood. Better still, the Hawks did it by dominating in all three phases of the game, which bodes well for their chances of beating the Bills […]

Cardinals at Seahawks: Trap Game or Easy Victory?

On paper, tomorrow's Week 14 matchup against the Cardinals looks like an easy victory. Since starting hot at 4-0, the Arizona Cardinals have bumped into a slew of problems on both sides of the ball and slipped into a nightmare scenario, losing their last eight straight. Coach Ken Whishenhunt inexplicably benched QB John Skelton in […]

Week 13 – Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread)

The Seahawks entered this week in control of a wild card berth, and they held on to it today with a road win against the Bears.  At times, it seemed like overthrows, bad calls, and Cutler-to-Marshall were going to conspire to drop Seattle to 6-6, but in the end the offense got it done. And […]

A Few Notes on the Bears Game

The Seahawks are currently 5-0 at home, but an abysmal 1-5 on the road.  Even worse, in three of those five losses (versus the Dolphins, Lions, and Cardinals) the Seahawks gave up a fourth quarter lead with less than six minutes to go.  As with those previous defeats, there are several mitigating factors to which […]

Bye Week and Beyond

Louis Bacigalupi posts comments on the site as LouieLouie.  He’s an accountant by trade and worked in a USFL front office.  He can be reached by email at As I suggested I might do a couple of weeks ago, I went shopping with my wife the Sunday the Hawks had the week off.  That […]

Browner and Sherman Face Possible 4-Game Suspension

As if the loss to Miami wasn't bad enough, word has now gotten out that the NFL is planning on handing out suspensions to both of Seattle's starting cornerbacks, Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman, for violating league rules prohibiting the use of performance-enhancing drugs.  Sherman responded to the news by vehemently denying using the drug […]

Week 12 – Seahawks Lose (R-Rated Thread)

This one hurt.  I wasn't terribly happy with several calls in the game, but there weren't nearly enough questionable ones to explain away ten accepted penalties — the Seahawks simply regressed in that department. Despite that problem, the team played well enough to win on both offense and special teams (Washington's return TD was fantastic […]

Week 12: Seahawks at Dolphins (Game Thread)

Headed into their bye week back in mid-October, the Dolphins were riding on a respectable 4-3 record, but since then they've lost their last three games to drop their record to 4-6. Miami's offense is pretty bad.  Their rookie QB Ryan Tannehill has thrown a combined five interceptions in his last two games, he hasn't […]


Louis Bacigalupi posts comments on the site as LouieLouie.  He’s an accountant by trade and worked in a USFL front office.  He can be reached by email at Don’t talk about playoffs. Actually, let’s talk about the playoffs.  We could get all hung up on tie-breaker scenarios and the what-ifs, but if the Seahawks […]

How the Seahawks Measure Up: Week 10 Edition

(Note: Since I was redoing my spreadsheets anyway, I went ahead and revamped the tables I've been using for the stats articles as well.  That part took a heck of a lot longer than I thought it would, but such is life.) Entering their bye week, the Seahawks’ record stands at 6-4 with six games […]

Week 10 – Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread)

The offense looked ugly in the early going, giving up turnovers and making the Jets look like they've got a legitimate pass rush, but an improved second half performance combined with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow hosting an all-game clinic on how not to play the QB position ultimately led to a nice, satisfying victory. […]

Week 10: Jets at Seahawks (Game Thread)

Today's game against the Jets is an important one to win for the Seahawks.  The Hawks have won several games already that everyone expected them to lose, only to turn right around and lose games they should've won handily.  The passing game has improved significantly and RB Marshawn Lynch is still Marshawn Lynch, but the […]

Stats, the Fate of the App, and Other Miscellanea

This semester, my eldest daughter is taking a child psychology course at her high school, and as part of that class she and her classmates help out in a daycare center run by the school.  Normally, all she brings home from there are cute stories about tiny children doing childreny things, but this week she […]