Seahawks Wide Receivers Get Heated on KJR-AM

Every Seahawk fan needs to listen to this recording below of T.J Houshmandzadeh, Deion Branch, and Nate Burleson talking to KJR-AM. If we could see this fire on the field we could be undefeated. These guys are mad and you can see their passion. Listen and comment about it. KJR-AM link is here

Derek Walker a 49er

The Seahawks cut DE/DT Derek Walker in order to free up a roster spot for Mike Hass (rather than place Burleson on the IR), and as a result he has been picked up on waivers by the rival San Francisco 49ers. Not a huge deal, but he is the second standout undrafted free agent that […]

Fallout Around the League

The Seahawks not only were embarrassed yesterday in Green Bay but they were embarrassed around the league. They are laughed at now and considered at their lowest point in two decades. I never thought I would see the former Seahawk third string Quarterback Charlie Frye have a better Quarterback rating on game day then Matt […]

Bold Predictions Contest Results – Seattle At Green Bay

Here’s the results of the 14th week of the Bold Prediction contest with Seattle at Green Bay. Here’s the data from the game: Team Sacks – 1 Rushing Yards – 115 – Tampa Hawk (113) Passing Yards – 176 – Trademark (178) Most Tackles – Hawthorne, Herring, Mebane Most Receptions – JJones – Nobody QB rating […]

Has The Team Quit On Mora?

A simple question. Do you Addicts think the Seahawks are sending Paul Allen a message about their head coach that couldn’t be said in any other way? Despite rumors that Mora will be given a second year, the team is making a statement every week on the field that seems to be saying they won’t […]

Updating Thread – Hawks v Packers

12:09 – I quit. R-Rated thread coming up. 11:52 – Back from the half with a nice return by Forsett. 11:42 – 24-3 at the half. Are you as tired of this as I am? 11:20 – 21 – 3. Goooo Seahawks! 11:07 – Matt Hasselbeck is officially the franchise leader for career passing yards. […]

Things I Think I Know – Week 16

In the quiet blogging period (read: Christmas) I had a lot of conversations with a lot of people, and probably 70% of them revolved around the Seahawks. Here are some things I came away from all those conversations with (there might be a few general NFL ones tossed in for good measure).   Jim Mora […]

Happy Hollandaise!

Hey all, just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Hannukah, on-time Merry Christmas, and early Happy Kwanzaa! I’ve got half of my Christmas done [aka, wife’s family] and I’ve already walked away with the mothership: a signed photo of Cortez Kennedy, framed. Booyah! Also got a sweet Hawks jacket. What marvelous (or lame) gifts […]

Bold Prediction Contest – Seattle At Green Bay

Merry Christmas To All Seahawk Addicts! May everyone get what they want for Christmas and may every tree have something “Seahawk” under it. There is a Christmas special this weekend with three bonus questions worth 7 extra points so pay attention. This is a chance for some of you guys a little behind to catch […]

Let the Scouts Scout

One thing that caught my eye in Bill T’s write-up last night was the lack of performance by the so-called “excellent draft class.” Jason Smith has been a poor right tackle and has battled injuries, Andre Smith has been too fat to play (literally) all year, Eugene Monroe hasn’t consistently held the starting spot, despite […]

A Couple Of Questions from JohnnyB

I’m going to give my answers to a couple of questions from “JohnnyB” since they are both subjects I have thought a lot about and they’re right on point for where the Seahawks are currently headed. JohnnyB asks: 1) “After the less than stellar performance of the highly touted first round tackles in last years […]

GM Candidates List

Mike Florio over at Pro Football Talk has listed what he reports to be the Seahawks list of ten GM candidates. There aren’t too many surprises on the list, really, but plenty of unfamiliar names to most of us (including me). I suppose one mildly surprising piece is that there are no big names on the […]

5 Things to Chew on

With everyone being so negative about the future of our beloved Seahawks, I thought I’d bring in some more positive thoughts and things we might do to help the club. All these negative viewpoints need to be offset by a little bit of positive thought or they could become a self-fulfilling prophecy in and of […]

Breaking: Holmgren Joins the Browns

PFT is reporting in this article here that Mike Holmgren has said yes to joining the Cleveland Browns. More details to come soon on his contract and what his position as “President of the Team” will be. We all knew this was going to happen when he said that he would not rejoin the Seahawks. […]