Week 13: Seahawks at Bears (Game Thread)

I don't really have all that much to add to yesterday's article on the Bears game, other than to remind you to watch for the return of #28 Walter Thurmond, who will likely get the start at nickelback over injured veteran Marcus Trufant (hamstring).  Also, there's this: SEA! HAWKS!

GM Candidates Down to 4

Jason LaCanfora has a piece over at his NFL blog saying that the Seahawks have narrowed down the GM search to four final candidates. Those guys are Baltimore Ravens director of player personnel Eric DeCosta, Philadelphia Eagles GM Tom Heckert (who is in Cleveland today interviewing with Mike Holmgren), Arizona Cardinals director of player personnel […]

Bold Prediction Contest Results – Update

A couple of contestants pointed our correctly that there was a false start from Tennessee in the fourth quarter. I re-scored the contest which didn’t change the result which was that wagnerseth is the champion and winner of the Seahawk jersey. I use to get most of my stats from and usually start scoring […]

Seahawks Extend Ryan

Well, one thing we know today that we didn’t know yesterday is this: the Seahawks will not have a new punter in 2010. is reporting (and, in the article, Jon Ryan is confirming) that the Seahawks have signed their Pro Bowl alternate punter to a whopping six year extension to the tune of $9.1 […]

Bold Predictions Contest Results – Tennessee At Seattle

Here’s the results of the 15th and last week of the Bold Prediction contest with Tennessee at Seattle. Here’s the data from the game: Team Sacks – 0  Rushing Yards – 140 – Trademark (141) Passing Yards – 169 – doubleb (162) Most Tackles – Hawthorne Most Receptions – Branch QB rating – 65.3 – SEAHAWKS4LIFE (65.5) […]

First Round Draft Order

If you know a Chiefs fan, you owe them a coke. By beating the Broncos, they not only knocked them out of the playoffs (yes!!!), but also put them in either the 14th or 15th drafting spot! The Seahawks appear to be picking #6 with our pick! So, that appears to be that. If Cincinnati […]

Seahawks Compete – R-Rated Post

The end of the 2009 season is finally here, and it was a decent game, competitive at least. The defense played with a ton of heart and Will Herring looked fantastic.

Week 17 is Upon Us

For the second year in a row, week 17 of the NFL season is a goodbye rather than a see-ya-soon. The Hawks are nowhere near the playoffs and are rather pretty close to the top of the draft again. (In case you’re unaware, our current slotted pick is #7, which could move up to #5 […]

R.I.P. 2009

2009 didn’t do Seahawks fans any favors, did it? Welcome to 2010 everybody, a new year, a new decade, a new chance to rebuild a broken football team. It seems like a good time to look back, but I think we’ve been doing that enough. Let’s take a look forward, into the future, all the […]

Bold Prediction Contest – Tennessee At Seattle

Pay attention. There are four bonus questions worth 10 total points which doubles the possible points on the last weekend to 20. Almost anyone still in the contest could win if they got all the points possible and the leaders got blanked. Everyone listed in the results article from last Monday, (Seattle At Green Bay), […]

Seahawks All-Decade Offense [Updated!]

Ladies and gentlemen, lets get away from the present and look back at our past. The Seahawks were a great team this decade, one of the best in the league on the whole. I thought this might be a good time to look back and make a 2000-2010 dream team. Curious about your feedback. Quarterback […]

More Rational (mostly Positive) Thoughts

Yowzers, a lot of people were pissed at my post yesterday. Good. I was pissed, I’m tired of this disfunction, I’m tired of Houshmandzadeh popping off, I’m tired of how this once great team is looking a lot more like a perennial bottom dweller than a five-time division champ. I am pissed off about it. […]

Thoughts on the Blow-up

You’ve probably all heard the audio by now, so here are my quick, generally anger-filled thoughts on the Houshmandzadeh / Branch audio from earlier: Houshmandzadeh and Branch both need to be gone. Not only are they cocky and untalented, they are also punks. Branch is just a complete and total idiot, and one of the […]