More on Moss

RandyMossRandyMossRandyMoss…. Randy Moss. While some of you, myself included, simply can’t wait for the waiver process to wrap up so we can get on with our lives, others are pretty excited about the possibility of Randy Moss ending up in Seattle. The argument for both sides is clear. Randy Moss is an exceptional (and aging/aged) […]

Russell Okung Sprains His High Ankle

Well, it’s confirmed, or clarified at least.. Russell Okung is out indefinitely with a high ankle sprain.  From Coach Carroll (via Danny O’Neil) himself: “It’s day-to-day, I hate to even think week-to-week,” Carroll said after Tuesday’s practice. “We’re going to just keep looking at him as we’re going through this. In terms of injuries, I […]

Quick Hits

Hey gang, It’s early Sunday morning after the Seahawks 27-24 defeat in Qwest Field. Here are some initial thoughts on last nights game.  These are off the cuff and may be completely wrong. That’s just how I roll at 6:40am PST. First and foremost, can we put to bed the “Hasselbeck is washed up!” rallying […]