The Blame Game

As some of you may have already seen, Football Outsiders released their annual list of Best and Worst Cornerbacks in the NFL for 2010. Not surprisingly, no Seahawks appeared on the “Best of” list, which is compiled using “Success Rate”, which, “to remind everyone, is the percentage of passes that don’t manage to get at […]

John Carlson & Cameron Morrah

With Darrell Bevell taking the reins of the Seahawks offense this year, many questions come to mind:  What type of offense will the Seahawks run?  Will it be a Holmgren-esque West Coast Offense, emphasizing vertical threat TEs/WRs and a smash-mouth rushing attack?  Will it be a hybrid version of what we saw this year and […]

Why isn’t anyone talking about Brandon Stokley?

First off, I’ll introduce myself:  I’m Dan, and I’m a Seahawk Addict.  I love the Hawks; I follow them to a point of obsession.  I basically write about the things I wonder about:  who will the Hawks sign in free-agency?  Who will they draft?  Who are these guys that are signing futures contracts?  Who is […]