The Top Sports TV Shows of All Time

What do you watch when it’s not football season or baseball season or basketball season? When you turn on the TV to watch something quality and there’s no game on, it’s easy to turn to various sports TV shows. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options. The top sports-related TV shows of all times are relatively easy […]

7 Things to Do During a Football Halftime

Football halftimes are amazing, crazy ‘you’ moments. They can be intense, can-barely-wait moments, or a chilled out party time for you and your friends gathered at your place. Either ways, whether you are watching it alone or with your buddies, here we have a bunch of wonderful ways you can turn this time into an […]

Why The NFL Needs The Seahawks On Thanksgiving

What is more Thanksgiving than football?  With the two traditional Thanksgiving Day games being played in Detroit and Dallas, the night NFL Network game is a perfect time to showcase one of the new power teams in the NFL.  The Seahawks of Seattle!   Here are my top reasons why the Seahawks are odds on […]