Hey there, Addicts. As Matthew mentioned earlier, I’m retiring my post as blogger-in-chief over here. It’s not you, it’s me. Or something. It’s not news to anyone that things have slipped around here lately. We’ve all been swamped with work, life, family, and just other obligations. I lost my passion for this site a few months ago, and tried to keep it going despite that. It showed. Then I stopped trying. It showed more. Matthew, Mike and especially Steve did a great job keeping things up around here, but that was never the point of the site. We wanted to be the best around, and for awhile, we were right there. But we haven’t been lately, so why keep it up?

Well, we keep it up because we love it. We love the Seahawks. We love this community. We love football.

I thought that once we all fessed up that the site was dying, something bad would happen. But, really, we knew it, you knew it, everyone knew it. The good news is, one of the four of us refused to accept it.

With that said, Matthew Heuett will be taking over ownership and operation of Seahawk Addicts. He has a vision for the site that is exciting, returning it to it’s roots while expanding on the depth of articles a bit (at least, based on how Matthew usually writes).  So it is with no sadness or pessimism that I’m turning over the keys. The site will be better today than it was yesterday. 

Thanks for reading, chatting, arguing, and insulting my articles over the last three years. Don’t be shocked to see my name pop from time to time in the future, and please be sure to follow me on twitter if you feel so inclined. So long, and thanks for all the fish.