With the 32nd pick in the 2014 Draft, the Seahawks select…

…a trade with the Vikings.  Yay, woohoo, etc.  Trading out of the first round is not the sexiest move a team can make, but in Seattle’s case it makes a lot of sense, as they had just six picks headed into this year’s draft.

In exchange for the 32nd overall pick in the first round, the Hawks received the 8th picks in the second and fourth rounds for a grand total of seven picks.  Schneider and Carroll may very well orchestrate a few additional trades for more of those sweet, sweet mid-round picks they love so much, but for now here’s what they’ll have to work with going into day two:

Round 2: Picks 8 (40th Overall) and 32 (64th Overall)

Round 3: None

Round 4: Picks 8 (108th Overall) and 32 (132nd Overall)

Round 5: Picks 6 (146th Overall) and 32 (172nd Overall)

Round 6: Pick 32 (208th Overall)

Round 7: None