The Top Sports TV Shows of All Time

What do you watch when it’s not football season or baseball season or basketball season? When you turn on the TV to watch something quality and there’s no game on, it’s easy to turn to various sports TV shows. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options. The top sports-related TV shows of all times are relatively easy to name off. If you are bored with the programming, you can always look to find re-runs of these on Direct TV or find them on DVD.


Featuring Craig T. Nelson, this is the show most people think about when it comes to a sports TV show. It was one of the best in the 1990s. There were plenty of memorable episodes and it combined the love of sports with a sitcom.

Hoop Life

Hoop Life was popular in 1999 and followed the lives of three fictional basketball players. It demonstrated how being a young and successful player isn’t always what it cracks up to be.

Sports Night

This had a cult following all the way until it was canceled in 2000. Many see it as one of the best sports TV shows ever. It had a Sports Center feel to it and followed all of the issues that those in the news room face.

Wide World of Sports

This was a show on ABC that would air on Saturdays to show all sorts of different sports. It would provide coverage for everything from the X-Games to badminton tournaments. It was one of the few shows where you could learn about all sorts of games and stay up-to-date as to what sports were becoming popular.

American Gladiators

You have to count this show whether you want to or not because it is a show of athleticism. It was popular in the late 1980s and it briefly came back a few years ago. There are still re-runs of it periodically and it was always entertaining – even if some of the characters were over the top.

Eastbound and Down

The HBO show follows Kenny Powers, a former-professional baseball player. It takes a funny approach to being a baseball player that is washed up but still thinks he has it. It’s produced by Will Ferrell’s company, which says a lot about the kind of comedy in the show.

Friday Night Lights

Many people will say that this isn’t just one of the best sports TV shows but one of the best, period. It’s all about the excitement of football – and has some drama thrown in to attract a larger fan base.

The League

This is a relatively new show that’s just been picked up for a new season on FX. It covers an aspect of sports that very few shows have: fantasy football. It’s different and it pokes fun at the fact that some people get way too involved with fantasy sports than what should be allowed.

While you will always have shows like SportsCenter, Inside the NBA and others, it’s good to be able to turn the channel to a sitcom and still be able to embrace sports. While some of the shows are no longer on the TV, you can find some kind of sports-related programming on if you look hard enough.