Super Bowl: Seahawks v. Broncos

Pete Carroll has done a hell of a job with the Seahawks.  In just four seasons, he's led them to a Super Bowl, and the roster he and John Schneider have built is so loaded with talent that it's hard not to believe they won't be back a few more times before all is said and done. 

This team is so good, in fact, that in all the excitement it's easy to forget just how rare and precious a thing it is to even get to a Super Bowl.  Chuck Knox was the first great head coach the Hawks ever had, taking them all the way to the AFC Championship in his first season with the team in 1983.  And as it turns out that was the only time he would ever lead them that far in his nine seasons at the helm.  Mike Holmgren fared a little better by winning his lone NFC Championship appearance with the Seahawks to get them to a Super Bowl in his seventh year with the team, but ultimately he failed to bring home a Lombardi. 

Carroll might not have the raw win numbers of his two predecessors — including the playoffs, Holmgren's 90 wins and Knox's 83 tower over Pete's 42 — but if he can coach his way to a win today he'll immediately leapfrog both those guys to become the greatest head coach the franchise has ever seen.  It's funny what a little thing like a world championship will do to boost your standing in the community, you know?

By now, everyone and their dog knows the Hawks' number one defense is going up against the Broncos' number one offense in this one, which should prove to be a hell of a matchup.  Will the Legion of Boom be able to cover all of Denver's receiving threats?  Can Bennett and the rest of Seattle's pass rush make an impact, or will Manning and his notoriously fast release beat them to the punch?  Better yet, how will the Seahawks' top ten scoring offense against Denver's 22nd ranked scoring defense?  Did I just answer my own question?

And that's all I'll say about the numbers for now.  As much as I love stats, they don't feel all that important at the moment.  The averages and differentials will be there later — today, I just want to watch Lynch get his battering ram on.  I want to see Wilson juke around defenders to rocket perfect passes deep downfield into the waiting arms of Baldwin and Tate.  I want Mebane to watch Mebane collapse the pocket and chase Mr. five time MVP into the waiting arms of Avril and Clemons.  I want the whole Seahawks roster to rise up as one and steadily march their way to a ring fitting over the broken remains of Denver's championship hopes.

The beer is chilling, the pulled pork is turning into pure awesome in the oven, and the hour is steadily drawing near.  Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to have ourselves a goddamn Super Bowl.