Free Agency 2014 (3/15)

Zach Miller decided to help Seahawks fans start their morning off right by agreeing to restructure the remaining two years on his contract.  Originally, he was scheduled to earn in 2014 a $4.8M base salary and a $1M roster bonus; add to that a potential $200k workout bonus and $1M to account for his prorated signing bonus and he would have counted $7M against the cap. 

According to Danny O'Neil of ESPN 710, Miller's combined compensation is for 2014 is $3M, with an additional $1M available via incentives (no word on how this alters his 2015 contract numbers).  Including his prorated signing bonus, that means Miller will count $4M to $5M against the cap, depending on how many incentives he earns, so the Hawks now have an additional $2M to $3M in cap space to work with.  Miller was probably more amenable than most to restructure because he's already seen the biggest paydays his contract had to offer: $6M in 2012 and $10M in 2013.  Only $11M of his original 5 year, $34M contract remained to be paid for 2014 and 2015 combined.  In short, Miller's already got the cash, so now his main motivation is probably adding a few more rings to his collection.

In ex-Seahawks news, Brandon Browner signed a fat 3 year, $17M contract with the Patriots.  That averages out to $5.67M per season — not bad compensation for getting to play opposite Darrelle Revis for a couple of seasons.  New England is poised to have a pretty sweet pass defense next season.

More updates will be added as they come in.