Why The NFL Needs The Seahawks On Thanksgiving

What is more Thanksgiving than football?  With the two traditional Thanksgiving Day games being played in Detroit and Dallas, the night NFL Network game is a perfect time to showcase one of the new power teams in the NFL.  The Seahawks of Seattle!


Here are my top reasons why the Seahawks are odds on favorites to keep winning in the NFL and why they should be a featured host on an upcoming Thanksgiving Day game.


  1. The 12th Man – The ongoing battle between Kansas City Chiefs and Seahawks on which crowd is louder has been a great side story to the 2013 NFL Season.  My vote goes with Seattle because CenturyLink field in Seattle seats 12,000 FEWER fans than Arrowhead does in Kansas City.  Only a Turkey Day food coma of epic proportions would stop the 12th man.

  2. Beast Mode:

There is nothing I can saw that you can’t see in the video.

3. The Legion of Boom – The incendiary secondary of the Seahawks’ that personifies everything their nickname stands for. The personalities are far from complementary, from the flamboyant Richard Sherman to the stoic Brandon Browner, they are collectively, in the words of strong safety Kam Chancellor, “a brotherhood.”  Throw in a first-round pick like Thomas and Canadian Football League refugee like Browner and the individual chips on their shoulders have combined into a mission statement, a force of evil, and a destiny.

4. The Weather – There is usually virtually no chance of snow in November in Seattle.  There is always a threat of rain.  But with a mild winter climate (compared to the Pennsylvania, New York, Colorado and Boston area teams) the opposing team should not have to alter their game plan to play to the weather.  This will allow both teams to bring a full complement of weapons onto the field.


In 2014, I hope the schedule makers bring a Thanksgiving Day night game to Seattle, but even if you don’t this 12th man will travel for football.