Week 9 (10/13): Seahawks at Rams

The Rams didn’t pose much of a threat to the Seahawks even before they lost their starting QB Sam Bradford for the season.  Now that they’re headed into tonight’s game with ex-Jets failure Kellen Clemens under center (with ex-Browns, Chiefs, and Seahawks failure Brady Quinn on hand as his backup), St. Louis is little more than a speed bump.  That’s not homerism talking, nor am I just ragging on a division rival for rivalry’s sake – there is a stark contrast between the talent level and performance of the Seahawks versus that of the Rams, and any way you slice it the comparison favors the team from South Alaska by a wide margin.

Barring a teamwide collapse or a catastrophic injury, the Hawks will be 7-1 in a few short hours.  And if you think that’s awesome, just wait until they sail into their bye week with a 10-1 record.  Including tonight’s game, here’s their next four penciled wins opponents:


Week Team Current Record
8 @St. Louis Rams 3-4
9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-7
10 @Atlanta Falcons 2-5
11 Minnesota Vikings 1-6


The Buccaneers have an 0-7 record only because it isn’t possible to award a team negative wins.  Their offense picked up slightly after the team benched fifth year starter Josh Freeman and his deeply embarrassing 42.9% completion rate, but only enough to make them the second worst offense in the NFL (hey, the Jaguars are number one in something!).  Their head coach Greg Schiano has gone above and beyond to establish himself as the a supremely unlikable prick; seriously, his insistence that his players attack opponents’ victory formations is just the tip of the douchiest iceberg in pro football.  I can’t wait to watch his team disintegrate in front of the 12th Man in Seattle.

The Falcons entered the 2013 season as a Super Bowl contender, but the loss of their two top receivers, coupled with the complete absence of any ground game or pass rush on their part, has derailed their playoff hopes.  Still, despite those problems it isn’t like opponents have been blowing them out of the water, as four of their five losses have been by a margin of seven or fewer points (the exception being yesterday's 14 point loss to the Cardinals).  They’re also 2-2 at home, which is where the Seahawks will be playing them in week ten.  If anyone has an outside shot at stopping Carroll’s team from getting to 10-1, it’s Atlanta.

And then there’s the Vikings, who have Adrian Peterson and not much else.  We’re talking about a team that had so little faith in either Christian Ponder or Matt Cassel that they went out and signed ex-Buccaneer Josh Freeman off the street and inserted him into the starting lineup — and then promptly had to about-face and go back to Ponder after the disastrous incompletion and concussion extravaganza that Freeman put on versus the previously winless Giants.

As cake schedules go, it doesn't get any more moist and crumbly than this.  So long as the Seahawks take care of business instead of phoning it in against weak competition, the only thing standing between them and clinching home field advantage throughout the playoffs will be a home game versus the Saints in week 12 and a road game versus the 49ers the week thereafter.  I don't know about you, but I like those odds.