Week 8 (10/13) – Seahawks Win!

In a game that was far closer than it had any right to be, a visibly gassed Seahawks defense managed to stonewall the Rams on five consecutive goal-to-go plays to preserve a 14-9 lead.  The abject failure of Seattle's offensive line to stop Quinn and Long from getting to Wilson was a huge problem (can you imagine what a juggernaut the Rams would be if the rest of their team played with the same aggression and passion as their starting defensive line?), but thanks to the defense and Ryan's punting the two TDs that Wilson & Tate were able to squeeze in proved enough to get the Hawks to 7-1. 

Russell Okung and Breno Giacomini had best get well soon, 'cause they are sorely missed.  Combing through the play-by-play stats this week is going to be painful.