Week 7 (10/13) – Seahawks Win!

Considering that the Seahawks won their last game against the Cardinals by a 58 point margin of victory, tonight's 12 point margin seems a bit scant, but both games have one very important thing in common: the Hawks' dominance was unmistakable.  

The defense picked Palmer off twice, sacked him seven times, and tallied thirteen quarterback hits.  The front seven held the Cardinals' rush attack to an embarrassing 1.67 yards per carry.  Wilson threw big yardage passes to six different receivers.  Lynch ran over and through Arizona's defenders all game long.  Hell, even third string tight end Kellen Davis got in on the action with a  catch for a TD — if that isn't a sign that you've got a game well in hand, I don't know what is.

Also you will want to make sure to catch the game on DirecTv, as the Seahawks now have 11 days to rest up and get ready to play the Rams in St. Louis.  That's the thing about Thursday Night Football: the short week beforehand sucks royally, but the extra time off afterwards is almost as good as getting a second bye week.