Week 5 (10/13 – Seahawks Lose

Well, so much for undefeated.  The Seahawks gained 228 yards on the ground and grossed another 210 through the air despite missing three starters on the o-line, but 2 sacks and 5 QB hits were simply not enough pressure to stop Luck from repeatedly connecting with Wayne and Hilton.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Colts are for real.

The main thing that doomed the Seahawks was their inability to punch the ball into the end zone.  Of their six scoring drives, four ended in field goals instead of touchdowns — if you calculate that at four lost points per field goal, that's 16 points they left on the field.  Alternatively, you could blame the loss on the blocked field goal that Indianapolis returned for a touchdown.  Without that TD, the Hawks would have ended the game ahead, 28-27 (or 31-27, had Hauschka converted the attempt).

But while the Seahawks definitely made some mistakes in this one (in particular there were some really glaring errors in coverage assignments), this game was a hard-fought win by a Colts team that looked every bit as dangerous and competitive as the Hawks.  If these two teams were to play each other ten times, I'd expect them to split the series 5-5.  If Indy ends the season with anything less than a deep playoff run it'll be a huge disappointment.

Next up, Seattle plays Tennessee at home next week, then shoots the rapids again for another two back to back road games versus Arizona and St. Louis.  It's a tough schedule, but remember that they already have two road wins already — if they can add at least two more of those and sweep at home, they'll hit the playoffs with a 12-4 record.  I think this team is capable of winning more than that, mind you, but I think I could live with a 75% regular season win rate.