Week 4 (9/13) – Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread)

Holy crap.

Injuries were a huge factor in this game, especially to the offensive line, and for three quarters Houston's front seven beat the living crap out of Seattle's backup offensive linemen.  The injury to Bennett was also pretty scary (the team can ill afford to lose him), but it sounds like he escaped without serious harm.  Hell, I somehow managed to hurt my shoulder just watching the game (no, really).

The other huge factor?  Russell Wilson.  Remember the way Seneca Wallace would run his ass off all game long so that by the fourth quarter he was running on fumes?  Wilson did the exact opposite, staying largely behind the line of scrimmage and limiting how far afield he scrambled until late in the game when the d-line was sufficiently gassed.  Watch those scrambles again and pay attention to how fresh he looks on each and every one of those runs while the Texans' defense visibly sucks wind all around him.  It would've been a thing of beauty if the game situation hadn't been so nerve-wrackingly tenuous.

Tomorrow I'll start fervently hoping that Unger, Giacomini, and Bennett are healthy enough to play next Sunday when the team flies out to Indianapolis, but today is all about basking in the glow of the Seahawks' 4-0 record.  I know I've said it already, but after a game like this it bears repeating: holy crap.