Week 16 (12/13) – Seahawks Lose

Well, this isn't a good trend.  The Seahawks can still clinch the division this week if the 49ers lose on Monday night, but that's unlikely given that they're playing the hapless Falcons.  The Rams game next week just got a hell of a lot more important.

We can argue about the validity of the interception ruling that ended Seattle's final drive (unless Baldwin has a giant skin flap under his arm that we don't know about, there's no way the nose of that ball didn't hit the ground), but that doesn't excuse the fat lot of nothing the offense produced for the vast majority of the game.  The defense bought the Hawks multiple second chances in this one by forcing punts and takeaways all game long, but the offense frittered away those opportunities by failing on third down in every way possible.  Receivers failed to get open, the o-line failed to keep Wilson's jersey clean, and the list goes on.  Here's hoping this defeat acts as a wakeup call for an offense that appears to be running on autopilot.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go dig in to our holiday alcohol stockpile.