Week 14 (12/13): Seahawks at 49ers

Last week, the Seahawks expertly demolishing the best team the Saints have put together since their '09 championship run.  That win served notice to the rest of the league that, unlike some one-dimensional paper tigers I could mention whose win/loss records have grown fat on a steady diet of lesser teams, the 11-1 Hawks are legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

However, if they want the 49ers to get the memo too, the Hawks will have to do it by besting them on their home turf in San Francisco.  That's the difference between a regular NFL road game and a divisional road game, really.  Versus most teams, I just want to see the Seahawks come out on top, but when they take the field in San Francisco, St. Louis, or Phoenix, I want Pete Carroll's guys to raze the goddamn stadium to the ground and salt the earth where it stood.  Knowing that a win over the 49ers will clinch the division crown for Seattle only intensifies that desire.

A lot has been made about the return of Michael Crabtree to San Francisco's offense, but I'm not worried about him.  To put it bluntly, Colin Kaepernick and his receiving corps can't hold a candle to Drew Brees and his retinue, and we saw how well Brees fared agaisnt the Hawks.  Granted, the opposite is true when you compare those team's defenses, but I distinctly recall  Wilson and company putting together a 26 point lead when they faced Patrick Willis and his teammates back in week two.

Mainly though, I just want to see Candlestick burn.