Week 11 (11/13): Vikings at Seahawks

The Vikings are not a good team this year.  Aside from Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen, and whatever is left of Greg Jennings, there isn't much decent talent on their roster, and that shows bigtime on the stats sheet.  QB Christian Ponder leads a bottom-ten passing attack, their defense ranks 30th in points allowed, and in the win-loss column (the most important stat of all) they're an anemic 2-7.

Normally I'd say that the Seahawks will roll to an easy victory, but I distinctly recall saying something like that before the nailbiters they played against the Rams and Buccaneers, too.  Of course, the Hawks did blow the Falcons out of the water on the road last Sunday, plus they get Percy Harvin and most of their starting o-line back this week, so I don't think there's any chance that they will actually lose this game.  Today is their chance to prove that they've regained their worldbeater form by dominating Minnesota all game long before coasting their way into a much-deserved bye week.

You know you're spoiled as a fan when your biggest worry headed into a game is whether your team will win by a little or win by a lot.