Week 10 (11/13) – Seahawks Win!

Ah, that's more like it.  The Seahawks' offense reverted to its early season form today, and it was glorious.  The run game averaged 5.02 yards per carry, and Wilson put together his best statistical game of the season — yes, even better than the numbers he put up in the blowout win over the Jaguars in week three.  Oh, and the Hawks' patchwork o-line were solid in pass protection, allowing their lowest sack rate (3.70%) and second-lowest hit/sack rate (14.81%) of the season to date, so there's that, too.

Meanwhile, the defense did plenty to stymy the Falcons' offense but their performance against the run still leaves a lot to be desired.  Despite facing the worst rushing attack in the league, the front seven allowed Atlanta to rack up over 200 yards on the ground for a 4.19 yards per carry average.  [I am an idiot.  Somehow I managed to input the Falcons' total net yardage into my spreadsheet as their rushing total for the game. Thanks goes to chawfan77 for catching the mistake. -Ed.]  and held them to 64 total rushing yards, but those rushing yards represent a 4.00 yards per carry average.  To be fair, that's a big improvement over the 5.41 ypc and 5.39 ypc they allowed against the Rams and Buccaneers, but it also doesn't constitute enough progress to keep the run defense from continuing to be a concern going forward.

The rest of the stats can wait, though.  For today at least, the only numbers that matter are 9-1.  Sea! Hawks!