Week 1 (9/13) – Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread)

That was far from pretty, but ugly wins tell you a whole lot more about a team's makeup and versatility than a blowout victory ever will.  Lynch and the run game is the engine that drives the offense, and to the Panthers' credit their front seven (holy crap do they have a great front seven) corralled him all game long.  That gave their pass rushers carte blanche to tee off on Wilson, and he still managed to throw for over 300 yards and a game-winning touchdown.

Doug Baldwin is clearly healthy again and looking like he's back to being the reliable catch machine he was in 2011, and somehow the Seahawks managed to put Hauschka"s jersey on a howitzer and sneak it on to the field. I have no idea how he managed to get so much extra distance on his kicks in one offseason, but when he decides to hang up his cleats he's got a a second career selling strength training programs via late-night infomercials.

On the negative side, the o-line was pushed around all game long — McQuistan was particularly ineffective, but when Carpenter stepped in to spell/replace him I soon found myself begging the coaches to put McQuistan back in the lineup.  That's a bad sign for Carpenter.

Also, the defense's outside rush was anemic at best.  Schofield gets a C+ for his one sack and intermittent pressure, but Mayowa did next to nothing to distinguish himself on his snaps.  The season is still early yet, but if he wants to avoid being the guy who gets the boot to make room for Irvin's return in a few weeks he really needs to step up his game.  I also didn't see much from Bennett, but I spent most of my time watching the defensive ends so for now I'll hold off on saying anything about his performance until I can spend some time watching him on the all-22 film.

But enough nitpicking — the Seahawks are 1-0, and life is feeling pretty damn good right now.