The Weeks Ahead

The Seahawks' season may be over, but that doesn't mean that we've run out of things to talk about around here.  First off, I'd like to extend my congratulations to the Falcons and their fans.  I'd much rather see the Hawks play in the NFC Championship, but watching an all-world class act like Tony Gonzalez react to finally getting his first playoff win after sixteen long years of trying was pretty great, too.  Besides, I'd much rather see Mike Smith get fitted for a Super Bowl ring than that seething white-hot ball of hate the 49ers are using instead of a human head coach.

But while there may be two more Sundays' worth of NFL games left to watch (two and a half if you count the Pro Bowl), around here it's time to start taking a look at Seattle's offseason needs.  This week I'll take a look at player contracts throughout the roster to see who will become a free agent this year and how much the team is slated to pay for each position group.  I'll also be examining the final stats for the regular season (I was going to post the article earlier, but it felt wrong somehow to be doing a post-mortem sort of article while the Seahawks were still alive in the playoffs).

And just as a reminder, Optimum Scouting's Eric Galko is on location this week covering the East-West Shrine Game, so if you have any questions for him about any of the prospects in attendance there or whatnot let me know ( and I'll pass them on.  Also, if you'd like to voice your thoughts on the team's offseason needs or anything else Seahawks-related, I can help with that, too.  Things are a lot more fun around here when my opinions aren't the only ones getting broadcasted, you know?