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Seahawks Receive a Pre-Draft Bonus

This April, the Seahawks didn't have to wait until the official start of the draft to pick up a little something special.  And no, I'm not talking about trading for Percy Harvin, or signing Cliff Avril, or even re-signing Clint Gresham (it's easy to take having a reliable long snapper for granted until you don't have one — remember 2008?).  No, the big acquisition to which I'm referring made precisely zero headlines this offseason, doesn't appear anywhere on the team roster, and is not a coach, front office man, scout, or even a janitor at the VMAC. 

Weighing in at a robust 10 lbs, 21 inches, I give you the Seahawks' newest fan:

That's right people, I have successfully perpetuated my evil unto the next generation, and her name is Alice June Heuett.  She has no idea yet what football's all about, much less who the Seahawks are, but I plan on fixing that as soon as she masters a few other things like walking, talking, and not accidentally whacking herself in the face with her own tiny little fist.

This year's draft kicks off tomorrow evening, and when it does I'll be here to keep an eye on the proceedings just in case Schneider and Carroll decide to trade back up into the first round, and then on days two and three Mike Parker and I will update with posts as the Seahawks' picks come in.  In the meantime, I'll be dividing my time between changing diapers, reminding my wife to get some sleep, and taking hundreds of photos of my daughter.

So yeah, as it turns out there really are more important things in this world than football.  Who knew?