Practice Squad Announced (9/31)

I'm getting to this a bit late thanks to some Labor Day barbecue awesomeness, but the Seahawks have officially announced their practice squad:

G Ryan Seymour (2013 7th round pick)

G Jared Smith (2013 7th round pick)

TE Cooper Helfet

WR Bryan Walters

DT Michael Brooks

DT Sealver Siliga

DE/LB Ty Powell (2013 7th round pick)

S DeShawn Shead

Because the Seahawks' roster is so deep and talented, several players we were all hoping would return as practice squad guys ended up being signed and/or claimed off waivers by other teams.  S Winston Guy is now with the Jaguars, fourth round pick WR Chris Harper was signed by the 49ers, QB Brady Quinn was picked up by the desperately QB-needy Jets, and TE Sean McGrath, DT Jaye Howard, and CB Ron Parker were all scooped up by the Chiefs.  That the Chiefs picked up a bunch of ex-Seahawks should come as no surprise since their director of pro scouting Will Lewis was Seattle's vice president of football operations from 2010 to 2012.  That said, you know your roster's deep when everyone else is fighting over your table scraps.

The loss of Howard and McGrath both hurt a bit; Howard had promise as an inside pass rusher and McGrath was coming along strong as a blocker and receiver, but on the other hand Carroll and Schneider wouldn't have cut them if they hadn't been willing to risk losing them to other teams.  In Howard's case, that's a vote of confidence in Brandon Mebane, Tony McDaniels, and third round rookie Jordan Hill, all of whom have been hampered lately by injuries, and it also means the coaches think that D'Anthony Smith, whom the Hawks picked up in a trade with the Jaguars just before Smith officially hit the waiver wire, is a more viable contributor than Howard.  After all the successes they've had, I tend to give Carroll and Schneider every benefit of the doubt on personnel decisions, but given Smith's long and storied injury history I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a bit concerned about having him on board instead of Howard.

One group of players you probably won't hear complaining about losing all of those guys to other teams are the players on Seattle's practice squad.  I don't know that Helfet would have been brought back if McGrath hadn't gone to to Kansas City, for instance, and I also doubt that Walters, Siliga, and Shead would have been re-signed if Harper, Howard, and Guy hadn't left to bolster other teams' rosters.

I'd say more, but that last screwdriver I downed ('cause, y'know, Labor Day) is really starting to kick in hard, and the odds that I'll say something really dumb and/or insane (moreso than usual, anyway) if I let myself continue typing are pretty damn high.  So, happy day off to everyone, and go Seahawks!