Pete Carroll: Tarvaris “Tremendously Tough”

With the Hawks bringing back former starting QB Tarvaris Jackson yesterday on a 1-year deal, Pete Carroll wasted no time in singing the veteran's praises

“We’re a little better than we were in those days,” Carroll said. “So we bring Tarvaris back with the thought that he’ll make this a really competitive situation. He’ll compete with Brady and that will be a really good battle for us to see what happens at that spot. Russell’s our quarterback and there’s no question about that. But as Tarvaris comes back in, he understands the system, we are very familiar with him, he’s comfortable with this setting and surroundings. We’ll expect for him to battle.”

If I was Brady Quinn, I'd be worried right now. Tarvaris has an established link with this team, and he's already earned their respect. You know he's got their support, and I'd consider him the definitive favorite to win the #2 job now. It doesn't hurt that he posted a 7-7 record in his last stint as a starter, while Quinn posted a 1-7 record during his own previous run in Kansas City. 

Quinn may have an excellent work ethic, but he's got a lot to prove on the field. And the return of Tarvaris gives him one more obstacle to climb. It'll be interesting to see how this shakes out in training camp.