Divisional Round – Seahawks Lose (R-Rated Thread)

After a horrific first half, the Seahawks managed to fight back in the second and get within two points of advancing to the championship game.  It's hard to overstress just how close this one was.  If Lynch hadn't lost that fumble, if the offense had converted that 4th and one (or kicked a field goal instead), if the defense had gotten one more pass deflection or Irvin had finally gotten a sack on that last drive, if, if, if.

Still, this team is no longer one or two drafts away from a serious run at a Super Bowl, because they proved this year that they're serious contenders already.  And think about this: the Seahawks did all this with one of the youngest rosters in the league.  Add an extra year of experience, a speedy deep ball threat, and some pass rush depth (especially at the 3-tech position) and this team is going to be hell on wheels for years to come.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a wall to go punch.