7 Things to Do During a Football Halftime

Football halftimes are amazing, crazy ‘you’ moments. They can be intense, can-barely-wait moments, or a chilled out party time for you and your friends gathered at your place. Either ways, whether you are watching it alone or with your buddies, here we have a bunch of wonderful ways you can turn this time into an adventure of its own.

  1. Do a football tossing contest: If you have friends over, you can get into a fun game of tossing the ball for the half time. Set a goal to toss the ball into and take turns doing just that, the person to get the most goal wins out. You can do it both indoors, or go outdoors for a breath of fresh air.

  2. Get some more drinks: If you run out of drinks, what better time to go and grab some more?

  3. Don’t say the word game: Another fun game to play with your friends. The game requires that all of you speak without saying the word football during halftime. See who wins and loses.

  4. Be part of a heated discussion: get passionate and argue about your favorite sides during the break, releasing all the game tension!

  5. Play acting players: And while you are at it, support your favorite players and poke fun at others by acting out your least favorite’s annoying ways of being!

  6. Do some sports betting with your buddies: Predict who is going to win and make some good bets. You might just win some good money at the end.

  7. Play casino games like blackjack: Speaking of winning, if you are watching the game alone, probably the best thing to do is to play a game of black jack at Europa Casino. This will keep the thrill of your game up even during halftime.

Thus, next time, be sure to indulge in above mentioned activities to make your football game even more fun!