2013 Draft — Second and Third Round

Now that we're all done twiddling our thumbs waiting for the first round to end yesterday, we finally get to see the Seahawks make some picks when the draft starts back up at 3:30 Pacific.  Barring a trade, Seattle will be making the 24th pick in the second round (56th overall) and the 25th pick in the third round (87th overall), and despite yesterday's run on offensive and defensive linemen there's still plenty of choice talent left on the menu in both position groups, including Mike Parker's favorite Estonian wrecking ball Margus Hunt.

Just as a caution, if you're only interested in the Seahawks' draft choices, you probably won't want to tune in right from the beginning and stubbornly wait the whole way through.  The second round has a time limit of seven minutes per pick, so if teams decide to stretch things out today Schneider and Carroll may not go on the clock until sometime after 5:30.  That said, with the way things have sped up in recent years they'll probably pick sometime in the 4:30 – 5:00 time range.  The third round has a five minute time limit, so things should speed up slightly there, but not by much. But regardless of when the Hawks pick, I'll be here waiting to cover it.

I'm hoping for a nice pass-catching tight end to pair with Zach Miller or a solid right tackle or guard prospect to compete with Breno Giacomini and Paul McQuistan.  Who's on your wish list today?