2013 Draft – Seahawks Sign 9 Undrafted Free Agents

The post-draft rush to sign undrafted free seems to have died down for the night, so here are the nine UFAs the Seahawks have picked up so far:

G Jordon Roussous, Bowling Green

OT Alvin Bailey, Arkansas

RB Dominique Whaley, Oklahoma

WR Matt Austin, Utah State

DE Kenneth Boatright, Illinois

LB Ramon Buchanan, Miami

LB John Lotulelei, UNLV

LB Craig Wilkins, Old Dominion

SS Ray Polk, Colorado

It's been a long day, so I'll leave these names as just a list for now, but I will be sure to put something up tomorrow once I've had a chance to dig up some info on each of these guys.

All right, I couldn't resist looking up just one little thing before I hit the sack.  If you've never heard of Old Dominion University before, you aren't alone — neither had I.  Apparently, the university started a football program in 1930, the same year the school was first established (back then it was the Norfolk Division of William & Mary College), then shut it down in 1941.  Amazingly enough, the football program wasn't mothballed because of World War II, but because the program had amassed a $10,000 debt and the conference had ruled that ODU couldn't play freshmen (or something like that — this newsletter is pretty short on details).  As far as I can tell, no NFL team has ever drafted a player from ODU no matter which side of WWII you care to look on.

Okay, just one last thing, I promise: adjusting for inflation, $10,000 in 1941 would be $162,837.59 today.  Maybe they forgot to charge admission?