Wilson Named Week One Starter

The competition is over, and the rookie has won.  Pete Carroll announced tonight that Russell Wilson is the Seahawks’ new starting quarterback.  He’ll start the final preseason game against the Raiders, although there’s been no indication of how long they plan on letting him play in the game, then keep the job for the regular season opener against the Cardinals.

It should be noted here that Wilson earning the job does not mean that Matt Flynn failed in any meaningful way.  The original plan was for Flynn to play after Wilson in the game against Kansas City, but an elbow injury kept him out of the game and pretty much allowed Wilson to compete for the starting job unoppposed.  Had he been able to play, the competition might have carried over into the final preseason game and Flynn might have still come out on top. 

Regardless, Flynn manning the number two spot means that the Seahawks are now in the enviable position of having two starting-caliber quarterbacks at the top of their depth chart.  2012 is shaping up to be a hell of a season.