Week 4 – Seahawks Lose (R-Rated Thread)

The Rams are no longer a circled win.  That’s good news for the level of competition in the NFC West, but it isn’t much comfort right now, especially when the game ends on a perfectly thrown ball by Wilson to a receiver who slips and falls before it arrives.

Brandon Gibson played better than advertised, and Sam Bradford showed great accuracy in the face of the Seahawks’ pass rush, but for the most part St. Louis’ offense was held in check.  On the other side of the ball, the Rams’ defensive line was every bit as disruptive as we feared whenever Wilson dropped back to throw, but Lynch and Turbin were able to pick up the slack in the second half and move the chains.

The difference in this game was special teams, where the strong, accurate leg of Greg Zuerlein helped the Rams to some points in yardages that would’ve had every other team in the league sending in the punt unit.  It’s also hard to overestimate the importance of the TD throw by punter Johnny Hecker; had they kicked a field goal there instead the Seahawks would have only been down by two, allowing them to hand the ball off to Lynch on that last play to give Hauschka a shorter distance for a game-winning field goal try.

Either way, it’s a tough loss in a winnable game for Seattle.  Feel free to get all the swearing out of your system in the comments below.

Week 4 – Seahawks Lose (R-Rated Thread)

The Seahawks lost a close one today, but from what I saw on the field I’m excited to see what this team can do in the coming weeks.  I think SeaHawk Steve said it best in the game thread: “What I am seeing is [the Seahawks] growing up into a contender level.”  The Seahawks are improving every week, and if they keep that up it won’t be long before their record starts looking a whole lot better than 1-3.

I’m impressed with the in-game adjustments Gus Bradley has been making in coverage, but what’s really surprised me is how much success Tarvaris Jackson is having out of a no-huddle offense (more on that later).

But enough out of me–what are your thoughts?