Week 2: Cowboys at Seahawks Game Thread

Beating the Cowboys at Century Link would go a long way toward making people feel better about the Seahawks’ chances this season.  Mainly, Russell Wilson needs to recapture some of his preseason magic, the offensive line needs to straighten up and fly right, and the punt unit needs to improve their blocking in the center of the line.

Here’s hoping we get to see Romo cry again.

*        *        *

The Livefyre comment system appears to be down at the moment.  Hopefully it’ll be back up and running soon, but in the meantime here’s some observations on the game so far:

First Half Positives

1) Russell Wilson is airing the ball out more in this one.  After last week’s dink-and-dunk performance, this is a big step in the right direction

2) The defensive line is putting more pressure on the QB.  Granted, it’s only a slight increase, but it’s something.

3) Special Teams.  Hell yes.

First Half Negatives

1) The defense’s pass coverage on third down.  There’s no excuse for Jason Witten being that open — it’s not like his ability to catch a ball is a well-guarded secret or anything.

2) The offensive line is still making mental errors.  Committing drive-killing false starts at home is inexcusable.  Also, seeing Sweezy step back in at right guard makes me wonder just how well Moffitt really has recovered from that elbow surgery.

3) Romo is not crying yet.  Please fix that, Seahawks.

*        *        *

A 27-7 win over Dallas feels pretty satisfying, especially since the offensive line’s protection and the defense’s coverage on third down were greatly improved in the second half.  Looking at the final stats, Russell Wilson completed 75% of his passes, Marshawn Lynch rushed for 4.7 yards per carry, and Golden Tate and Anthony McCoy turned in legitimately solid performances as receiving threats.  One of my favorite moments in the whole game was watching a wide-open Jason Witten start to reel in a pass, then drop it a half-second later after turning his head to see Kam Chancellor bearing down on him.  There’s still plenty of room for improvement (for one, the offense converted only 5 of 14 third downs), but the explosive Seahawks team that excited us so much in the preseason finally showed up on the field today.

And while Romo never actually shed any tears on the field, I’m pretty sure he was crying on the inside.  That still counts, right?