Week 10 – Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread)

The offense looked ugly in the early going, giving up turnovers and making the Jets look like they've got a legitimate pass rush, but an improved second half performance combined with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow hosting an all-game clinic on how not to play the QB position ultimately led to a nice, satisfying victory.

Also, I love how well the Seahawks are executing on Wilson's option runs and those wide receiver passes.  First Sidney Rice, and now Golden Tate — how many receivers do you think will get a shot at tossing the ball downfield this year, anyway?  I'm going to really enjoy re-watching this one when the All-22 film comes out.  Do your worst in the comments below.

Week 10 – Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread)

The Seahawks win!  Oh man, does it ever feel good to be saying that!  The defense did its job today, and the offense was able to get things done against a high-caliber defense.  Tarvaris Jackson completed 63% of his passes and made smart decisions with the football, and his performance was made possible by some great pass blocking by the o-line despite losing RG John Moffitt to a first quarter injury.  They also looked great in their run blocking, springing Lynch for over 100 yards’ worth of tough, bulldozing runs. 

Yes, penalties are still a major concern, and we’re still waiting to hear about the severity of the injuries suffered by Moffitt, Sidney Rice, and Kam Chancellor, but THE SEAHAWKS WIN!!!