Stats, the Fate of the App, and Other Miscellanea

This semester, my eldest daughter is taking a child psychology course at her high school, and as part of that class she and her classmates help out in a daycare center run by the school.  Normally, all she brings home from there are cute stories about tiny children doing childreny things, but this week she brought home some sort of death flu instead.  But despite the fever and the congestion and the general unpleasantness, I kept chipping away at this week's stats article so that by the time the fever broke last night all I had left to do is give it a quick editorial run-through this morning and get it out to you. 

At least, that was the plan.  As I started to review the work I'd done, I discovered that not only were my latest calculations wildly innacurate, I had screwed up large portions of my spreadsheets for previous games, too. And when I say screwed up, I mean stuff like 50 completions on 28 attempts for Wilson against the 49ers, a 15 yds/att rushing average for the Cardinals, and a mostly complete set of special teams stats listed for the upcoming Dolphins game (Jon Ryan's good, but I don't think he's likely to average 110 yards per punt).  Apparently basic math and data entry don't mix well with cold medicines and delirium — who knew? 

Thankfully, fixing it is a simple matter of loading up the blank template I made and re-entering the data from my notes, but that's going to take time.  Barring any more surprise gifts from those diminutive plague-bearers at the daycare center, you can expect to see an up-to-date stats article early next week.

*        *        *

When I put up that post earlier in the week asking users of the Seahawk Addicts app for feedback, I expected to get a few emails, maybe thirty or forty at the outside.  Oh, how wrong I was.  I received hundreds of emails from you guys — that first day, my inbox was snowed under at a rate of one new email every two to three minutes — and they're still trickling in.

Now, I've never cared too terribly much about site traffic, 'cause I'd still be writing these articles even if there were only three or four people reading them.  Even so, it was really quite humbling to find out just how many of you are out there following the site.  I heard from Seahawks fans in Germany and France, from grandmothers in their 60s and 70s, from people who like to use it to catch up on Seahawks news during long meetings at work, I even heard from one fan who's been using it to read Seahawks articles to a quadriplegic family member who's currently in the hospital. 

As one email so eloquently put it, removing the app "would be a dumbass move," and I agree.  The Seahawk Addicts app is here to stay.

The main complaint I received from you all is that it doesn't allow users to comment on the articles, and unfortunately after talking to the folks over at our host site Bloguin it would appear that the Livefyre software our comment system uses is completely incompatible with the way the app reads and displays articles.  However, they also informed me that they are almost done building a mobile version of the site, and once it's complete you'll be able to read articles as well as view and post comments by visiting the site using your mobile device's web browser.  I'll let you know when that gets released, but the app will still be in service if you prefer to keep using it instead. And if you're into the whole Facebook thing, we have a page there as well (link) that Mike Parker updates regularly.

Several of you also mentioned that you don't want to view comments because you're certain they would be filled with all manner of inflammatory opinons, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  I know the comment threads on most sports websites are filled to the brim with bloviating assholes, but Seahawk Addicts has always had the good fortune of attracting polite, intelligent sorts who can kick back and talk about their favorite team without resorting to name-calling and temper tantrums. 

We do get the occasional bigoted moron (usually a fan of a team the Seahawks recently played) who stumbles in and spews bile for a post or two, but when they show up everyone quickly and cheerfully hands the twit his ass on a platter and sends him packing.  Really, aside from the R-rated postgame threads I put up so everyone has a place to get all the venting and swearing out of their system, there's rarely anything said in the comments that you wouldn't feel comfortable sharing with your dear sweet old granny. 

*        *        *

I received an announcement the other day that Lawyer Milloy will be hosting a football summer camp in 2013.  The camp runs from July 14 – 17 at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, and you can read more about it here.  Lawyer Milloy and Golden Tate will be on hand for sure, and other Seahawks players may make appearances as well.

I don't know a lot of the details (like how much it costs to attend), but I figured those of you with young football-playing Seahawks fans at home would appreciate the heads-up.  For more information, you can contact Sheldon Bell by email at or by phone at 301-575-9413.

*        *        *

This last item isn't Seahawks specific, but it's interesting nonetheless.  The graphic, which was forwarded to me by one of its creators, is targeted at accountants (it was created for the blog portion of and describes some of the financial troubles NFL players have experienced towards the end of their careers and afterwards.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go chug some Dayquil.