Radio Interview Today with 808s & Fastbreaks

At 1:30 PST, I’ll be doing a radio interview with 808s & Fastbreaks over in New York.  I’ve been told the interview will be about ten minutes long and will cover the last play of the game against the Packers, plus maybe something about the replacement refs and expectations for the Seahawks.  You can listen in by going to the WCW Sports website and clicking on the listen live button, or you can link directly to the stream by clicking here.  I’ll also be sure to post a link to the interview when it’s put on their Tumblr site later for download.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even say something listenable.

UPDATE (4:44): Here’s the link to the interview segment from the show.  And in case you’re curious, you can find the show’s interview with Devin Shanley of the Acme Packing Company Packers blog by clicking here.  As you can see, their response to the game has been really quite reasonable and mature.