Flynn not Healthy Enough to Take Over as Starter

For those of you who have been asking for Russell Wilson to be benched in favor of Matt Flynn, Pete Carroll has an answer for you:

“We have a little bit of a problem with Matt,” Carroll said.  “Matt’s still not full-speed. Anybody that thinks, OK, let’s go with the other guy, well, he can’t practice yet. … He throws 15 throws a day, a couple days a week, so that’s not really enough to get him ready in a game plan. He has to throw 50 balls a day to get ready, so that’s not even an issue for us yet to have a chance to put him in.”

In short, Wilson is going to be the guy under center for the foreseeable future — or, like Charlie Whitehurst and Tarvaris Jackson last season, at least until an injured Flynn becomes a better option than a healthy Wilson.