Calling All App Users

Since I took over the site last year, the only feedback I've ever heard about the Seahawk Addicts app has been in emails from people who have nothing but complaints of one sort or another with the program.  So, the other day I mentioned in a comment thread that I was thinking about removing the links to download the app from the site.  I mean, I've never used it, since I don't own any tablets or smart phones, and all I'd ever heard was negative feedback, so surely that was the correct move, right?

After that, I started receiving emails from people just to tell me I'd be making a big mistake by removing those links.  They love the app, they said, and moreover they insisted that there were a lot of readers out there who access the site exclusively through that program and told me that I would be making a huge mistake if I got rid of it.

Naturally, this made me curious to find out how many of you out there like the app and use it on a regular basis.  I decided to delay this post until Bloguin rolled out the new site templates, but now that that's done I figured it was high time I asked you guys for some feedback.  How well does the app work for you?  Does everything (text, links, images, etc.) display properly?  Is there anything that could use some tweaking?  Are the Livefyre comments still not accessible via the app?

To voice your opinion, please respond in the comment thread below or send an email to with "Seahawk Addicts App" in the subject line.  Depending on the feedback I get, I might look into what it might cost to address any problems you guys might be having, up to and including updating the app so that it's compatible with Livefyre.  I'm not making any promises, but if I can afford to improve your reading experience I will.