#6: Who is.. Michael Floyd?

Michael Floyd, WR Notre Dame



















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Michael Floyd


Result (NFL Combine)

Ranking (WR’s)


6′ 3″

Arm Length

32 7/8″



40-Yard Dash






Broad Jump

10′ 2″



• Very polished for a college wide receiver
• Solid speed
• Excellent burst off the line of scrimmage
• Consistently and effectively beats press coverage using hands and body
• Uses 6′ 3″ frame to his advantage, beating out defenders for the ball
• Excellent hands
• Adept blocker
• Makes tough catches all over the field, from the sideline-to-sideline

• Does not possess elite game-breaking speed
• Off-field concerns
• Durability issues

You may be wondering why I have a wide receiver pinned as a possibility in the first round. Yes, it is true that on paper we are stacked at wide receiver. But of those receivers, are any of them true no. 1 receivers? Are any of them game-breakers, single-handedly capable of taking over a game? I know we landed Sidney Rice with the hopes of him being that guy, but his durability issues have limited his productivity. He has shown flashes, but I’m not sure he’ll be healthy enough to be that guy.

By signing Matt Flynn, the Seahawks have addressed their quarterback situation for the time being. This leaves them in great shape heading into the draft with no true pressing need. They will be free to select the best player on their board, and that player may be Michael Floyd. Floyd is the second-rated receiver in the draft, right behind Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State. He has shown in college that he is an impact-player, capable of tilting the field with his presence alone. He can contribute even when passes are not going his way by consistently drawing double-coverage away from other receivers. Floyd is an incredibly aggressive wide receiver. He uses his large body and incredible burst off the line of scrimmage to beat out defenders. When the ball is in the air he has a knack for effectively using his frame to shield out defenders, and then snatching the ball out of the air above them. His athleticism is outstanding, and I believe he has potential to develop into a true no. 1 receiver.

The knock on Floyd is his durability and possible off-field concerns. He has had a few injuries the past few years, but usually finds a way to play through them. Possible off-field concerns would certainly scare a GM such as Tim Ruskell away, but not GM John Schneider. I would say it’s a long shot to see Michael Floyd come to Seattle, but I won’t be completely shocked (like last year’s first round pick, James Carpenter) if his name is called in the first round by the Seahawks this year.