With the 114th Pick, The Seahawks Select…

….Jaye Howard, DT, Florida.


Described as more of a raw talent, Howard has drawn comparisons to first-round pick Fletcher Cox. Though he’s not as dynamic of an on-field presence as Cox, scouts have praised Howard’s motor and explosiveness through the gap, but showed concerns about his weight and consistency.

Sounds like the type of pick John Schneider loves to get in the late rounds.

A great quip about Howard from writer Jeff Risdon:


I’m not here to argue that Jaye Howard is as good as Fletcher Cox; game tape reveals Cox to be a more dynamic presence with better on-field explosion and a more consistent motor. But if a coach can keep Howard’s motor revved and he transforms about 5 pounds of fat on his belly into muscle in his shoulders, he’s a very reasonable facsimile. You’re going to pay a huge premium to get Cox, who definitely has better upside but thus far has not produced any better than Howard, who will go three rounds later. For a team like Carolina or Seattle, it’s a value that makes real sense.


Very solid fourth round for Seattle. The Hawks pick again in the fifth round, at 154 overall.