Who Should the Seahawks Resign?

It’s very difficult at this time to look at the free agency and hope we can sign some of the free agents who will be available due to the potential lock out that could happen in March. I will have a different article on who I believe the Seahawks should go after in free agency later on. For now, let’s focus on who the Seahawks should retain from the current roster. These are my opinions only. Feel free to blog who you want to resign. I have listed the top tier by numbered priority.

Here is the list (I may have missed a few) of current Seahawks that will be free agents: QB Matt Hasselbeck, OT Sean Locklear, C Chris Spencer, DE Raheem Brock, DT Craig Terrill, DT Brandon Mebane, OLB Leroy Hill, DB Kelly Jennings, S Lawyer Milloy, K Olindo Mare, LB Will Herring, RB Leon Washington, OL Mansfield Wrotto, WR Brandon Stokely, OL Ray Willis, and DB Kennard Cox.

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#1 priority is QB Matt Hasselbeck. If we examine who is available in the free agency, Matt is the best option for now. I believe a two year contract should be the best choice. Whether the two sides can agree on the money is another story. Charlie Whitehurst may not be the future of this team from what we all witnessed from him this past year. Coach Carroll and GM Schneider may still believe he is. Yes, we can certainly draft a QB this year, but even the college prospects, from the numbers we are picking from, aren’t that appealing. Most of the college QBs need grooming for a few years at least. Signing Matt and drafting someone to take over for the future is the best route as of today. There could be some trade potential out there with other teams with some QB’s like Kevin Kolb, but I am not sure we have that sort of ammo.

#2 priority is DT Brandon Mebane. this guy is a monster. I believe one of the best DT’s in the free agency. When he and Colin Cole were together, opposing offenses had a harder time running the ball. He disrupts the middle of the field and can find penetration at times to make the QB run to the edges just in time for Clemons, Brock, and Bryant to eat them up. For the right price, Mebane should be resigned.

#3 priority is C Chris Spencer. He has had some rough times during the past years but watching him play this past year, he is ready for the next level. He has that rapport with Hasselbeck currently and has shown toughness snapping the ball on a bad hand almost all year. Very good Centers are difficult to find. Although Max Unger was drafted to take the place of Spencer, Unger is still younger and I believe needs a few more years to grow. Signing Spencer to a heavy incentive, short term contract seems feasible and he should sign for a fairly decent price.

#4 priority is DE Raheem Brock. Raheem Brock and Chris Clemons combined this last season for over 20 sacks. Together they were listed as the #3 duo in the NFL with the most sacks. You have to be happy with that. Brock is not the best DE in the league but combined with Clemons, they both create major havoc for QB’s. When Red Bryant comes back from his injury next season and if the Seahawks resign Brock, we will have three powerful DE’s that should help the D-Line.

#5 priority is RB/KR Leon Washington. This guy was awesome. A major fan favorite. Without him this past year we would be in big trouble with kick and punt returns. Yeah the whole Special Teams were a contributor but it really takes someone special to plow through the holes and with speed that can take your breath away. The only other time in the past few years that I have seen teams specifically kick away from a KR/PR is Devin Hester. Leon Washington is right up there. He is also versatile enough to play RB if we need him.

#6 priority is K Olindo Mare. Olindo has been the best kicker that Seattle has had in years. Josh Brown was great at field goals but did not manage touch backs very well. Mare is getting up there with age but he can easily go another few years. I believe he wants to stay in Seattle to finish out his career.

#7 priority is WR Brandon Stokely. What did you say? Are you serious? Yeah, I am serious. Stokely is an aging veteran as well but is one of the best third down/slot receivers I have ever seen. Even Hasselbeck has said the same thing this past season. Stokely’s experience will play a crucial part in the development of Golden Tate.

Those are my seven choices so far as of today. They may change within the next few weeks or month. I think we need some depth on our Offensive line. We may have to sign Locklear, Willis, or one of the two to help out. I could see the Seahawks using the 1st round pick on another OL player. Who knows right now though.

I am sure you all have your own opinions though. I would love to hear from you. What do you think we should do and who should we resign?