Week 6: Bye Week (Game Thread)

The Seahawks may be resting and recuperating instead of taking the field this Sunday, but there’s still plenty of NFL goodness to be had.

The game that catches my eye the most is the early game between the Lions and the 49ers.  Detroit’s got an exciting offense going for it this year, and I’m curious to see if they can get anything going against San Francisco’s strong defensive group.  It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if Ndamukong Suh manages to get up close and personal with Alex Smith a few times, either.

I’ll probably go with Texans-Ravens for the afternoon game, although I might switch over to the Cowboys-Patriots game if Romo is taking a severe enough beating.  (My wife lives for that pouty, teary-eyed look Tony gets when he loses.)  The night game between the Bears and Vikings has a good chance of turning into a mistake-filled slog, but maybe we’ll get lucky and see an intense slugfest between divisional rivals instead.

What are you guys watching this week?