Week 16 – Seahawks Lose (R-Rated Thread)

With the loss to San Francisco, the Seahawks are now officially eliminated from the playoffs.  Even so, the 11-3 division champion 49ers had to fight all the way down to the end to seal their victory, and that was against a Seattle team missing three starting offensive linemen and both starting wide receivers.

It may have taken half the season to get there, but Pete Carroll has finally established an identity for his team: hard-hitting, hard-running, and tough as nails.  Take one guy out?  That’s okay, the Seahawks will just plug in the next man up and pick up right where they left off.  Go 15 games in a row without giving up a rushing touchdown?  Sorry, but Marshawn Lynch didn’t get that memo, and he didn’t get the one about you guys not allowing any 100-yard rushers all season either.  The finely timed rhythm offenses and lukewarm defenses of the Holmgren era are long gone — the guys wearing Seahawks blue these days will just punch you in the mouth and dare you to call them a “finesse team” again.

I love this roster, I love the way they go about their business, and I can’t wait to see what they can accomplish in 2012.  But all that can wait a little while longer; for now, the Seahawks will start getting ready to fly down to Arizona next week to hand out one more asskicking to close out the season.