Week 12: Redskins at Seahawks (Game Thread)

The Redskins are not a good team.  Sure, their defense is tied for second highest sack total in the league and they don’t give up may passing TDs or rushing yards per attempt, but they are below-average in every other defensive category.  On offense they’re positively abysmal across the board, but it’s hard to be anything else when your quarterback options are Rex Grossman and John Beck.

In short, if the Seahawks keep playing like they have the last two weeks, they should win handily.  Really, there are only two big questions I have for this game:

1) Will DT Alan Branch play?  He’s been a big part of the run defense (not as big as Bryant or Mebane, but still), and today he’s listed as questionable with an ankle injury.  If Clinton McDonald ends up manning the 3-tech instead, expect to see the Redskins throw some runs his way early on to probe for weaknesses.

2) Will RG Paul McQuistan step up his game?  RT Breno Giacomini held up well in his first start last week against the Rams, but McQuistan looked overmatched and struggled throughout the game.  With promising young guys like Lemuel Jeanpierre waiting on the sideline to take his place, he can’t afford to screw up like that for a second week in a row.

On another note, we’re having our Thanksgiving dinner today at my place since Sunday was the earliest everyone could get together in one place.  So, I’ll be too busy interacting with family and cooking and the like to join in the game thread today, but you better believe I’ll still be watching the game.  I love my family, but a man’s got needs, you know?